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Monday, August 02, 2004

On the lower slopes of some of the great ridges at Chatter Creek, the forest gives way to large open cut blocks, areas that were logged some years ago. These cut blocks are covered with many interesting features that skiers may choose to go around, go through or go over.

Always safety-conscious, the guides recommend skirting these features but, with normal snowcover, many provide opportunities for a little "air". In a word, they are great fun.

Looking back, up the hill, can be a little discomforting, as many stumps are exposed on the sunny(downhill) side. However, they are usually pretty well covered from above. Nonetheless, it's usually best not to go dead center on the larger ones.

These photos show a group of guests having a wonderful time. In good snow, the cut blocks at Chatter Creek are a favorite place to play.

Thanks to Cliff Jennings for most of these contributions to the Chatter News.

Dave and John and Lockie head into a Chatter Creek cut block. Out of the trees and into wide open spaces with lots of interesting "features".

With all the variety, Roddy's in his element. The powder skiing in these cut blocks can be wonderful.

Can't you sense the concetration? Kevin's lining up something to "pop" off. The landings are always soft.

An old heli-skier, Hartley loves this stuff! Many old powder hounds prefer the tree skiing and the cut blocks to alpine skiing. There is so much variety.

Dave Harvey catches someone picking their way around , through and over the stumps. Some stumps are exposed from below, but they are typically well covered from above.

Guests wallowing through the soft pillows.

Powder Skiing at Chatter Creek
Here comes Crichton, like a rocket! He's going to "nail" that stump and "launch" himself. It's going to be an "event"! I can just feel it.

Let's see what happens ..............>>>

Skiing the cut blocks is easy going for an old Rossland hot-shot like Dave.

Pillow play. Skiers and riders enjoying the variety. The snow's consistently soft and forgiving. The small stumps are well covered.

Last, but definitiely not least, tail gunner Todd Nunn brings up the rear. Everyone loves skiing the Chatter Creek cut blocks.